Monitor Your  Supply Chain   in Real-time  

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Transparent, Traceable Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain Visibility/

Transparent Shipping Logistics

Monitor your goods by: Temperature, movement, geo-location,  humidity, light and shock.

Tracking and traceability of your shipped assets with our   IoT = internet of things

TECHNOLOGY and connected smart devices



cost optmization

Air, Sea and Land Supply Chain Monitoring 


Track your goods and assets confidently by air, land or sea using any of our smart sensors attached to your cargo. The smart sensor continuously logs data throughout transport, across all modes, and transmits the information through cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, EMF or radio frequency connection.You monitor your goods in real-time, independently, throughout the chain of custody. Smart supply chain management. 

We are IoT Logistics & Shipping

Risk Management



Control Theft/Damage/ Fraud

Time Management



Monitor Delays/ Detours

Smart Sensors and Devices

Smart device and tag sensors provide real-time traceability of product geo-location, temperature, humidity, light, shock and movement as it's transported through the supply chain. Our smart devices are all connected to a global Internet of Things network for global, real-time connectivity.


On-demand data during shipment and customized alerts help ensure that your transported goods and assets remain within regulatory compliance and that quality supply chain governance is maintained.

We are FDA Food Modernization Act compliant and give you the tools to conform to these regulations for any of your food perishables.


  • Log and transmit key data and events across all modes

  • Monitor location and environmental conditions

  • Mix and match solution options to suit your needs with fast activations

  • Suitable for small items such as jewelry, art or bottle of fine wine

  • Suitable for large assets such as container of bulk wine, oil or natural gas cargo and other large scale shipments of commodities and consumer goods


Advantages w/

IoT Shipping & Logistics

  • Cost Optimization of your supply chain

  • Transparency: supply chain visibility to assure quality, compliance and security across all transport modes

  • Efficiency & Sustainability

  • Protect brand integrity (theft/damage/fraud)

  • Optimize supply chain performance with trend analysis

  • Minimize freight spoilage from environmental conditions (extreme heat/cold/ humidity)

  • Manage mixed-use assets remotely

  • Reduce labor-intensive processes

IoT Logistics & Shipping 

Transparent Supply Chain Management Services

Connecting companies and customers to their shipments and assets with smart sensors and synced devices for real-time monitoring that is accessible through our client customized web-based command portal - a  24/7 personalized command center - to ensure supply chain integrity and traceability.

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